Along with gold comes the traditional means of investing which includes investing in bullion, coins, and mining stocks.  People invest in gold for a variety of reasons, particularly to counteract the uncertainty of paper money.  Gold continues to play a key role as a reserve asset.  Many professional analysts believe that the values seen today represent merely the beginning of an ongoing, upward trend for gold prices.   The following chart showing $550 per ounce is already outdated.  Gold hit $588 per ounce on April 4, 2006.  Click here for the latest prices and point at the “live charts” for New York Gold:















In 2004, the price of silver increased by six percent and it continues to increase today.  Every year since 1990, demand for silver has exceeded the supply, pushing the price for the precious metal increasingly higher.  The same comment as to the price of silver rising applies here.  Press the Kitco link to see current prices.








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