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    Red Rover Mine, Inc. is a company which amalgamates the scientific, financial and management talents of a diverse team with more than 150 years of business experience. The majority of the team has each had more than 20 years of experience with the Red Rover Mine property.

     There are few opportunities in the present day of technology advancement and electronic wizardry to observe, touch, and feel the genesis of the products that generate wealth. In short order, our investors and managers at the Red Rover Mine will need only to exit the Antelope Valley Freeway at Red Rover Mine Road , drive a few hundred feet and pick up a rock which bears precious metals. Our management team plans to utilize modern mining procedures and processes to pick up many of these rocks and turn them into Dory Bars of gold. 

     Our vision takes us further to the development of a company that will be sought after for investment and expansion in automated and highly mechanized mining.  Please take a look at the historical records which are part of the mining history of the State of California.  Red Rover Mine’s rocks made it the most productive gold mine in Southern California before it was shut down by President Roosevelt almost 70 years ago so that the miners could mine more strategic metals or fight in World War II.

      A knowledgeable extraction team using Alpine Cutters will excavate ore without the hazards and environmental impact of explosives and accompanying noise and vibration. We, as a company, take into consideration first the needs of our investors with neighbors running a close second..

     The Red Rover Mine is ready to be worked once again, and this Company is ready to manage its future.  


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